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There are hundreds of questions we used to receive on our platform that how you can record the screen of someone else cellphone device. They don’t mention the attention behind that activity, but we have realized that there are groups of people that are in desperate need to record the target device screen.

Parents and business executives are trying to know record the cellphone screen of the children for digital safety and employees to keep an eye on business-owned devices to prevent time-wasting and stealing of intellectual property activities. According to the experts, there is no better than a mobile screen recording app to get the job done.

What is the cellphone screen recording software?

It is one of the best features of cellphone monitoring software. The invention of this particular feature enables parents to set parental control on kids obsessed with cellphone devices connected to the internet.

Moreover, you can use it for the surveillance of employee’s business-owned devices. You can install it on your target device and get access to the online web portal and use powerful features to upload the information to an online dashboard.

Furthermore, each feature has its story and provides you instant results. Users can use a screen recorder, screenshots, IM’s logs, browsing activities, email tracking, text messages, passwords chaser, and many more. The application is user –friendly and you can install it within no time. You can discuss with your issues related to the usage of application with live customer care support to get rid of all worries.


The cell phone tracker app is compatible with digital phones and tablet devices running with Android operating systems. You can secretly monitor and record the screen of the target cellphone device because it remains invisible even on the latest version 10 and so on.

How to get the best mobile screen recording app?

Gone are the days when you remain helpless to know about the secret activities of your children or employees on cellphone devices. Now you can get your hands on the phone screen recording app.

Once you are on its webpage, then you need to get the subscription online. Furthermore, you will receive an email alongside the credentials. In addition to that, get physical access to the target device. When you have got access then start the process of installation and activate it on the target device. Once you have completed the activation process successfully then get your hands on the credentials that you procured. Now use the password and ID and get access to the online control panel of the mobile screen recording app. Furthermore, you can get the feature that empowers you to get the information running on the target mobile phone device. Let’s discuss the features in detail in the following and learn how you can monitor someone’s cellphone device to the fullest.

Use cellphone tracking software features

Live screen recording

If you want to do surveillance on someone’s cellphone device then you need to use the online dashboard of the cellphone monitoring software and use its powerful feature known as screen recorder software for mobile. You just need to activate it on the target device of your kid or employee and it will start its working.

It creates back to back short videos of the screen in a series and once the recording got the end. It will deliver all the recorded videos of the target cellphone screen to the online web portal. Users can get access to the online control panel and then watch all the recorded videos of the mobile screen and get to know what sort of activities employees have performed.

Users can get to know about the sent and received messages, live phone calls activities, internet history, social media activities, email sent or received, keystrokes applied, and dozens of other activities.

IM’s logs

Users can also use the feature of social media monitoring that enables the user to get access to the target device installed instant messaging apps and further provide you activity logs. It empowers you to get the logs of text messages, chat conversations, audio-video calls, shared media, and voice messaging activity logs with a timestamp.


Mobile screen recording software is the best tool for parents and employers to set parental control on kids and to monitor employee’s activities on business devices respectively.


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