Hotstar Coupon Code Canada

Hotstar Coupon Code Canada: In this article, we bring for you the Hotstar Promo Code Canada that saves up a lot of money and comes with amazing cashback and offers. Do check out this article to know more about the subscription and price plans for Hotstar.

How many Hotstar Canada Subscription Offer results are available

According to the Graboffersindia tracking system, there are currently 22 Hotstar Canada Subscription Offer results. These deal offers are from many sources, selected by our smart and comprehensive system on Hotstar coupon code Canada, discounts, and deals.

How can I filter the result of the Hotstar Canada Subscription Offer on Graboffersindia?

You have to click on the options ($ Off, % Off, Free Shipping, Gift Card) on Filter By and you can easily arrange your results.

How many Hotstar coupon codes can be used for each order when I search for Hotstar Canada Subscription Offer?

There are usually 1 to 3 Hotstar discount codes for one product. However, in each order, customers can only use one Hotstar coupon code Canada. Therefore, when using the Hotstar coupon code Canada, try to select the best code with the highest discount code.

Hotstar Canada Subscription Offer Overview promo code Canada

Hotstar Canada Subscription Offer can offer you many choices to save money thanks to 16 active results. You can get the best discount of up to 100% off.

The new discount codes Canada are constantly updated on Graboffersindia. The latest ones are in March 2020.


Eight new Hotstar Canada Subscription Offer results have been found in the last ninety days, which means that every eleven, a new Hotstar Canada Subscription Offer result is figured out.


As coupon axis tracking, online Hotstar coupon code Canada shoppers can recently get a save of 20% on average by using Hotstar coupons code Canada for shopping at Hotstar Canada Subscription Offer. This is easily done with searching on coupon axis Box


Where can we find the relevant results of the Hotstar Canada Subscription Offer?

Right below the Hotstar Canada Subscription Offer, Graboffersindia shows all the related results of Hotstar Canada Subscription Offer Hotstar coupon code Canada, then you can easily go for. As well as, at the bottom of the page, you can find the section Recently Searched which is great to see what you have searched.


Hotstar Subscription Best Offer on Hotstar promo code Canada 2020

Below Hotstar promo code Canada offer will be provided if you Use Hotstar Promo Code: MYCRICKET

Get 10% immediate discount ($5) on Annual Pack, Plus on Hotstar discount code Canada

$20 Discount Coupon Canada 

$300 Hotel Saving Card exclusively by Coupon coupon axis for IPL Lovers.

2 Streams (If your spouse wants to watch TV Serials let them Enjoy as you can watch IPL from another device on same Hotstar Subscription)

Enjoy the latest TV Shows and smash-hit movies on-the-go in 18 different languages all year long for just $44.99.

Do not forget to use the later $20 Discount Coupon and $300 Hotel Saving Card exclusively at Couponaxis.


Why Choose Hotstar?

Hotstar is the largest live streaming platform where you can have fun unlimited video content and every major global sporting event. Hotstar has now gained popularity among three international markets — the India, U.S., Canada, as well as the UK in the last two years.

The aim of Hotstar is to chase an audience living in the rest of the world who prefer online video streaming services. Do you have any idea how you can subscribe to the best online video service? Read on to find step by step Hotstar Subscription Guide. Now your favorite TV shows and live sports matches it’s just a click away. But now Hotstar provides Hotstar coupon code Canada as well as discount coupons Canada services.

Hotstar Viewership Records 2020

In 2019, Hotstar made another record with 25.3 Million Concurrent Viewers during India vs. New Zealand World Cup Semi-Final 2019 by smashing its own previous 18.6 million viewer’s record that was set during the VIVO IPL 2019 final. A part of the IPL, virally popular entertainment shows like Game of Thrones are powering Hotstar’s growth.


How to get a Hotstar Subscription Annual pack in $22.5?

No, You cannot and we are really sorry if some website or people lied to you. You have to pay Hotstar annual charges of $44.99 with Hotstar promo code Canada: MYCRICKET  without Hotstar promo code in Canada you have to pay $50. but you can watch on 2 streams together if you subscribed with Hotstar promo code Canada: MYCRICKET Hotstar Annual Discount Offer.  It means, You do not have to buy Hotstar for another family member because by paying $44 and you have covered the annual Subscription at $22.5 *2 Streams =$44.99 if you consider per stream charges?

Don’t forget to enter HotstarPromo Code Canada: MYCRICKET to avail of this Hotstar Discount.

How can you enjoy Hotstar streaming at $1.8 per month? | Less than $2 per month

We are sorry if people are miscommunicating. There are no such charges to watch Hotstar IPL at only $1.8 per month (22.5/12) annually, you’ve to pay $44.99 for 2 streams and you can enjoy unlimited access to 60,000+ hours of TV shows and 2000+ movies plus numerous live sports events anytime and anywhere on Hotstar.

Best Hotstar offers with apply Hotstar Promo Code Canada: MYCRICKET Includes

Hotstar Coupon Code Canada Offer 1

Get a 10% immediate Hotstar discount if you apply with Hotstar coupon code Canada: MYCRICKET. The actual cost of the annual subscription is $49.99, but by using Hotstar coupon code Canada: MYCRICKET, you’ll get the full year subscription for Hotstar premium and sports subscription in just $44.99.

Hotstar Promo Code Canada Offer 2

If you had subscribed through Hotstar Promo Code Canada: MYCRICKET, a $20 Extra Hotstar discount.


Hotstar Discount Code Canada Offer 3

Graboffersindia is proud to work with Hotstar, and to help our visitors; we are awarding a $100 Hotel Saving card for your family trip.


How Can You Use Hotstar Promo Code Canada: Step by Step Guide

Stay connected with us and get the latest Hotstar promo codes Canada to save $5.00, so you can only pay $44.99 and enjoy watching a complete year. See down how can you use Hotstar promo code Canada.

First: Go to any browser and put the URL


Second: Go and Register with your full name, email address, and password as well as with your Facebook account.


Third: Click on start Subscription. Select from a yearly subscription plan.


Fourth: You are on the Enter Your Payment Details page. I will suggest putting the Hotstar Promo code Canada first and credit or Debit card details later.


FIfth: Simply you need to click on Have a promo code then enter the Hotstar promo code Canada: MYCRICKET and click on Apply. The price will be changed from $49.99 to $44.99, and the green checkmark applied on the right side.


Sixth: You will get a $20 extra Hotstar discount plus $100 Hotel Saving card ($320 in total) just by spending $44.99.


Seventh: Check out the payment part and you are done. $44.99 is the total amount you will be paying for a whole year.

If I forgot to enter Hotstar Coupon Code Canada: MYCRICKET | How to Cancel Subscription?

A friend of mine forgot to enter the Hotstar coupon code Canada: thus, he got charged $49.99. The surprising part is he didn’t talk to anyone. The thing is when one can enjoy fabulous offers and Hotstar discounts, then who wants to miss it? Yes, no one wants to. So if that has happened to you as well, No need to get worried. Just cancel your Hotstar subscription immediately.

Yes, Hotstar will not charge you a single penny, if you cancel the account within 48 hours. What to do next step? Subscribe again with a new email id to avail 10% Hotstar discount. 

Best Hotstar Offers for IPL fans < Hotstar Coupon Code Canada: MYCRICKET >

Get 10% immediate discount ($5) on yearly Pack, Plus $20 Hotstar Discount Coupon $300 Hotel Saving Card exclusively at Couponaxis.

Note: This offer will get over very soon in march 2020. Be to enjoy it! Remember to cancel 48 hours for a full refund automatically.


Hotstar Subscription USA FAQs

Can I share the Hotstar USA account?

No, you can not share the Hotstar account but Hotstar allows two streams (means two-family members) can watch on a separate stream with a single account.

Can you purchase a Hotstar subscription in Canada?

Yes, Hotstar subscription is available and very popular in the USA, UK, and Canada.  Hotstar will not charge you a single penny if you cancel the account within 48 hours.

How much does Hotstar cost in Canada?

You’ll get a 10% immediate discount on Annual Pack ($44.99only, Plus $20 Hotstar Discount Coupon $100 Hotel Saving Card exclusively at Couponaxis.

If I forgot to enter the Hotstar Coupon Code Canada?

If you forgot to enter Hotstar Coupon Code Canada, don’t get worried at all. Just cancel your subscription immediately within 48 hours and then Subscribe with Hotstar Coupon Code Canada: MYCRICKET.

Can I use the Hotstar India account in Canada?

No. Hotstar subscriptions are region-based. You can’t transfer membership from one country to another country. If you bought Hotstar membership in Canada, you could only watch video content in Canada alone. But, if you are moving to another country, you can cancel your account by visiting My Account and subscribe to Hotstar in your new country.

Is the Hotstar Monthly Plan available for a month?

Hotstar Canada has stopped monthly plans since November 2019. However, if a single present the free trial for the Hotstar package is 48 hours and if you think it’s not for you then cancel in 48 hours to get a full refund without question asked. Don’t forget to use Hotstar Coupon Code Canada: MYCRICKET. to get amazing Hotstar discounts.

Can I Cancel My Hotstar Subscription?

if you are not get satisfied. So no worries! You can cancel anytime within 48 hours of payment to get a full refund. 



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