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Click here to book your Test – RTPCR Test Delhi at home the coronavirus pandemic is rapidly growing worldwide, and there are a growing number of cases of COVID-19 globally. Owing to this there is an increase in understanding and discussion of the number of medical terminologies that are used for the detection of COVID-19 such as RTPCR test Delhi, TruNat test, antigen test, rapid antibody test, and others. According to the regulatory authorities such as FDA, Food & Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), RT-PCR is one of the most accurate laboratory testing methods for the current coronavirus pandemic. Additionally, there are other tests as well used for the detection of the presence of the virus in an individual. Thus, with an increasing number of people getting infected with the novel disease, there is a rise in the number of people getting tested for the same. In various states including New Delhi RT-PCR test. It is free and requires no prescription for the testing. The government also modulates its guidelines for people’s benefits.

RTPCR Test Delhi

Why We Need To Do RT-PCR Test

While travel across the world most of India is now largely unrestricted, some states still insist on RTPCR tests in Delhi for visitors, especially those arriving by air. In the latest set of changes, Maharashtra now requires travelers from Kerala to get an RTPCR test before arrival, while those from Maharashtra will need one if they are flying to Karnataka. Here is a round-up of all the states that need you to get tested RTPCR test Delhi for COVID-19 on or before arrival.

coronavirus pandemic RTPCR a medical terminology has come into focus. An RTPCR test is a laboratory test that combines reverse transcription of RNA into DNA for the detection of the virus. RTPCR test Delhi home collection is the most preferred test for COVID-19 home collection; however, this test is time-consuming and costly as it has an elaborate kit. An RTPCR test Delhi home collection uses nose or throat swabs for the detection of viruses. Also, only trained professionals who are instructed for the use of the RTPCR kit can carry out the RTPCR test in Delhi. RTPCR requires a full set-up that includes the trained practitioners, laboratory, and RTPCR machine for detection and analysis.

RTPCR new Delhi: (ICMR) The Indian Council of Medical Research has crossed over one million RT-PCR tests for COVID-19 on Saturday evening marking a big landmark, ICMR officials told their press conference.

As Per ICMR tested about 10,60000 tests till Saturday evening. In the upcoming days, ICMR will increase its rtpcr testing capacity. ICMR has been doing more than 70,000 tests in the last two consecutive days.

On Saturday, ICMR released that a total of 976363 samples have been tested to date. From May 1 till evening on Saturday, 1,37,346 tests were done. The most three states which are doing rapid rtpcr testing include–Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, and Rajasthan. As on date, these three states have conducted more than one lakh tests respectively. However, Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka, and Delhi still need to ramp up their rtpcr testing capacity.

ICMR has always enhance that the confirmatory covid-19 test for diagnosis of COVID-19 infection is RT-PCR test of the throat and/or nasal swab, which detects virus at an early stage. Recently, Dr GS Toteja, Additional Director General of ICMR had said that to contain coronavirus infection, RT-PCR tests Delhi at home must be continued vigorously as the principal diagnostic tests.

RT-PCR tests Delhi are now available in 310 government laboratories and 111 private set up across the country.

On Friday, the Centre informed that ICMR has ordered 21.35 lakh diagnostic kits. As on date, India has reported about 37,776 confirmed coronavirus cases and 1223 deaths.

What are the documents needed for (COVID -19) Testing?

Mandatory documents defined by Govt. of India without which testing of rtpcr test Delhi For COVID 19 is not allowed:

1) Patient Information Form (Patient Proforma, to be provided by our Lab personnel and filled by the patient)

2) Referring doctor’s prescription (requirement may vary depending upon mandate by the respective state government guidelines) and

3) Govt. photo-id ( Aadhaar card/ Voter Id / Passport) to support the current address and contact number of the suspect patient to be provided at the time of rtpcr sample collection at home in Delhi.

What’s the sample collection and transportation process?

The rtpcr test sample will be collected from your home or wherever you will give the address to us in Delhi or Delhi-NCR transport medium (VTM) to maintain the stability of the sample & get transported in a cold chain. Our specially trained phlebotomists collect the samples by following all biosafety precautions and using personal protective equipment.

How long will it take to get my report?

Your RTPCR Test report will Be deliver Within 24 hours via mail.

How will I get my report?

All RTPCR test report is shared with the defined Govt. bodies as per the guidelines of Govt of India / ICMR / local state guidelines. Reports are shared on a real-time basis as soon as they are ready on the email ID provided to us at the time of sample collection from your doorstep. Reports can also be downloaded from our website subject to respective state government directives.

Do I need to get my family tested too if I have symptoms and my doctor has prescribed the test for me?

Not everyone needs to be tested for COVID-19. Your doctor will decide whether or not your family needs the test. Here is some information that might help in making decisions about covid-19 testing: 1- All family members living with a confirmed case should be home quarantined. They should be tested only if they become symptomatic (fever, cough, difficulty in breathing). 2- Family member’s testing will be subject to fulfilling the mandatory requirements and prescription with a physician’s signature along with a stamp referring to the doctor’s prescription.

Will I have to visit any of the nearby Lab or centers to book the test or give the samples?

“NO”  you just have to do one thing take your phone and call us and we will come to your home for rtpcr test home collection collect your RTPCR test in Delhi and Delhi NCR Not only RTPCR you can call us for all blood test at your home. offer the best possible services for COVID 19 testing in Delhi at home. The details with respect to the location of sample collection (home-based or in certain lab-specified areas), the same will be intimated over a phone call from our customer support team.

If I came in contact with a covid infected person. What do I have to do? 

If you come in contact with a covid infected person who has tested positive covid-19, the first thing you have to do is isolate yourself in a room. Make a distance of at least 2 meters use a mask if you are alone, no need to wear a mask if need consults with a doctor online near you in your city. If your doctor recommend you for a covid-19 test rtpcr test you can call us for rtpcr test Delhi at home.

If I get a negative covid test result can I return to work?

If you got negative in your covid test report or there are no symptoms, you can start your work, but from time to time you have to discuss it with the doctor. If you can try to work from home. If you feel any problem or your doctor in Delhi recommend full-body blood test you book your test on our site graboffersindia and after a month or you feel I need to do rtpcr test you can call us to book your rtpcr test in Delhi home collection.

What is the COVID RT PCR cost in Delhi?

You can now book this rtpcr test in Delhi at home on our website. The RT PCR cost in Delhi just ₹ 999/-. If you are searching for a “corona test near me”, you can simply go to our site Graboffersindia and get a contact number. Thyrocare best lab currently performing COVID tests near you.

Does an antibody test detect the covid-19 virus?

That is a misconception that an antibody can be used to detect the active covid-19 infection. However, the antibody name suggests an antibody only for check for antibodies you have developed for the infection. To detect covid-19 infections we do a swab rtpcr test and this test available at very cheap price at just Rs. 999/- you can do rtpcr test Delhi at home.


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