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Travelyaari Coupons for New User

Are you looking Travelyaari coupons for new user?

But some question comes in the mind that why do you need to apply Travelyaari coupon code?

Because on the first order Travelyaari gives you the amazing discount deals on bus tickets.

Even if you are the new user at Travelyaari and this is your first booking.

Then you can get instant Rs.150 off on using Travelyaari bus coupons.

Whenever you are planning to travel outside, don’t forget Travelyaari discount coupons.

Thus, we’ll let you know about how to apply Travelyaari coupons code? Step by step.

Here’s how you can choose top Travel yaari coupon code for bus booking?

As well, in this article, you’ll get Travelyaari offers with the exciting deal.

Moreover, we provide a 100% genuine Travelyaari coupons for first time user.

Keep in mind that we do not accept money to give Travelyari coupons.

Stay tuned, we always up to date to present Travelyaari coupons.

Actually, Travelyaari one of the best platforms for the online bus ticket booking in India.

Where you can find the Travelyaari bus offer along with without any hassle.

Don’t think a lot about Travelyaari bus offers, because we have described everything about Travel Yaari offers below.

Even if you are the first time user at GrabOffersIndia. You are able to grasp Travelyaari coupons for new user.

Visit on GrabOffersIndia and go through the Travelyaari offer codes.

Whether, which type Travelyaari promo code, you want to apply while booking bus tickets online.

GrabOffersIndia gives 100% working Travelyaari coupon codes for mobile application.

As you know that there are many folks use the mobile application for bus ticket booking.

Thus, you can download the Travelyaari app and get upto Rs.500 off.

However, you are wondering Travelyaari first time user offer.

Similarly, Travelyaari provides first booking offer on Android mobile application.

Not only you can do anytime Travelyaari cancellation and book on the mobile app.

But also you can check 24X7 Travelyaari bus booking offers on the mobile app.

Nowadays Travelyaari has brought Paypal first time user coupon for bus ticket booking.

Likewise, if you are using Mobikwik app on your phone, you can grasp Mobikwik first time user offer.

Accordingly, you can get Travelyaari coupons 2019 along with the latest offers.

Even though you can apply coupons for Travelyaari on mobile apps and desktop.

These are coupon code for Travelyaari is applicable for both devices.

Anyway, are you ready to apply the Travelyaari coupon code today?

Apply now Travelyaari coupons for the new user.

Hence, if you got any problem while applying the coupons for Travelyaari. 

Then let us know in the comment box.

Travelyaari First Time User Discount (UP TO ₹400 OFF)

Do you want to book online bus tickets? If yes, you can get up to ₹400 off on bus ticket booking. Do you know that Travelyaari is the best platform to buy the tickets online? Indeed, a new user can receive additional cashback on Travelyaari first user coupon.

What are the Terms and Conditions to Get the Travelyaari Coupons for New User?

Firstly, login the Travelyaari as a new user and apply the Travelyaari first user coupons WEBYAARI ⬅️. Secondly, when you’ll apply the Travelyaari coupons, maybe you can get up to Rs.100 off instantly. Similarly, if you pay from the Paypal then you can get an additional 50%  as new user signup on Paypal. Always, keep in mind that if you are already a user on Paypal then it’ll not work. 

Thirdly, this Travelyaari coupon first time applicable for the Desktop website and Mobile website. Note: if you apply Travelyaari promo code in Mobile application, then it’ll not work in Travelyaari Mobile App⬅️ Thus, if you apply Travelyaari coupon code for RTC Government buses, after that it’ll not eligible for these are buses. 

Finally, you are able to apply coupons for Travelyaari. Please make sure that it is suitable for once per user. In the meantime, you are not able to get a first-time user discount on Travelyaari ⬅️. You can tell us in the comment box. We’ll give a reply to your query about Travelyaari coupon codes.

Travelyaari App Coupons (GET UP TO Rs.450 OFF)

Are you looking for Travelyaari app coupons? You can get up to Rs.450 off on Travelyaar mobile app. Whereas that Android App and IOS App. But why do you need to download the Travelyaar mobile app ⬅️? Basically, you can get the exclusive deals on the mobile application, if you download it.

What Are the Terms and Conditions of The Travelyaari App?

Normally, there is no need to apply Travelyaari discount coupons on mobile applications. This is our request to you that download the app and get an exclusive Travelyaari bus coupon code. Thus, if you download the Travelyaari app then you can get up to Rs.300 cashback on the Travelyaari wallet. As well get the particular bus operator deals with up to 15% off.

Travelyaari Seasonal Offers (UP TO 10% OFF)

As you know that there are many seasonal festivals are keep on going in India. Thus, Travelyaari has brought seasonal offers along with Travelyaari promo code for bus booking. Firstly, whereas you can get the Navaratra Festival Offers ⬅️ along with up to 10% off. Secondly, Reliability Seasonal Offers ⬅️ and get Rs.250 off on existing users.

Thirdly, avail the Travelyaari October Seasonal Offers ⬅️ and grasp the flat 6% off with a limited period on Travelyaari bus booking coupons. Lastly, seasonal offer for Privilege Membership Benefit ⬅️ Discount deal, where you can get up to 5% off as an existing user.

Travelyaari Navaratra Festival Offer 👉 Nowadays in India Navaratra is going on. Similarly, Travelyaari has brought seasonal offers along with Travelyaari promo code for bus. Thus, in that seasonal offer, you can get up to 10% off on Travelyaari bus coupons. But what will have to do to get these offers?

Let’s start step by step. Firstly, you have to grasp the code for Travelyaari coupons bus NAVARATRI ⬅️. Secondly, Login into the Travelyaari and get an instant discount 10% off. Thirdly, it will not applicable for RTC government buses. Lastly, in case if you use this offer multiple time then it will not obey. Because this offer is applicable once per user.  

Reliability Seasonal Offers 👉 what is that mean? That means Travelyaari existing user discount offer. But how to get this deal. Let’s start, firstly, grasp the Travelyaari coupon code for bus RELIABILITY ⬅️. Along with you can get up to 7% off on spending above Rs.1250. Always keep in mind that this offer is not applicable for RTC government buses. Don’t forget to apply Travelyaari discount coupons for bus.

Travelyaari October Seasonal Offers 👉 Get 6% off up to Rs.100 in this offer. But this offer is a limited period of time because of seasonal offers. Along with this deal is valid till October end. Thus, you can apply promo code for Travelyaari new user TYOCT ⬅️. But what is the condition to apply the Travelyaari discount code?

Firstly, grasp the Travelyaari coupons and get up to Rs.100 discount on bus ticket booking. Secondly, keep in mind that Travelyaari promo code for bus booking will not work in RTC government buses. Thirdly, in case, if you get any problem while applying the coupons for Travelyaari. You can let us know in the comment box.

Privilege Membership Benefit 👉 Are you already exist, the member in If yes, there is a chance to get up to 5% off as an old user. But in this discount offer, there is no need to apply Travelyaari coupons the first time. Because Travelyaari discount voucher already will be applied while the checkout process. But you need to know what is the discount offer on this?

Firstly, travel more and gain more with Travelyaari membership. Secondly, register in Travelyaari membership ⬅️ with your Name, E-mail Id, and Phone Number. Thirdly, collect the points by booking and use the points as a discount based on your ticket booking. Lastly, this discount offer will not work in RTC government buses.

Travelyaari Wallet Coupon Code

Basically in this Travelyaari coupon for wallet offer. You can get there are 12 types of discount offers on the online wallet and Bank Card Offers. In which we’ll define you step by step Travelyaar coupons for bus. Let’s define all discount offers.

Travelyaari Paypal Offer for First Time User 👉 Are you new user on Paypal? You have a chance to get a 50% cashback on Travelyaari bus ticket booking. Similarly, if you are already existing user on Paypal don’t try to apply this offer on Travelyaari. But you need to know about Travelyaari wallet coupon code that how to get the discount on Travelyaari.

Firstly, Pay from Paypal as a new user and get 50% cashback and grasp up to Rs.300. Along with minimum value, you can get up to Rs.50. Secondly, this Paypal wallet offer will work on only first-time users who didn’t the transaction never from Paypal. Keep in mind the Paypal account should be India’s. In case if you got any trouble while getting the Travelyaari offer coupon code. After that, you have to concern with Paypal. Because in this offer Travelyaari’s has no relation while getting the discount.

Travelyaari Coupons for Mobikwik Wallet 👉 Are you looking Mobikwik coupons for Travelyaari? Where you can get 20% supercash. But you have to emphasize on that point, this offer is valid for once per user. Thus, it is time to apply Travelyaari free coupon codes KWIK20 ⬅️. How much cashback you can get on Travelyaari Mobikwik coupons. Yes, you can get up to Rs.200 maximum supercash. 

Travelyaari Bank Card Discount Offer 👉 If you have MasterCard of any bank account even you have a Debit Card and Credit Card. Similarly, you have a chance to flat Rs.100 off for bus tickets. But what you have to do get bank card discount on Travelyaari? Don’t worry we’ll let you know.

First of all, this Travelyaari offer is applicable to mobile, upgrade now a mobile app. If you have not done yet. If your transaction Rs.1000 above, then you have the opportunity to get Rs.100 off. Go to on apply coupon section and unlock partners offers. It’s time to select the offers while using the bank card. Thus, put your bank card number then you’ll appear offer.

Secondly, this offer is applicable to an existing user on Travelyaari. In the meantime, if you apply any Travelyaari coupons code while using it. That time twice Travelyaari promo code for bus will not work together, please make sure it. 

Thirdly, in case your transaction value lowed. According to this, you are not able to get the promo code of Travelyaari. Lastly, Travelyaari bank card discount will not work for the RTC government buses.

Travelyaari Rupay Debit and Credit Card Offer 👉 Get Rs.100 off on using Rupay debit and credit card. Please make sure that your transaction value should be Rs.100 before getting it. It is time to use the Rupay bank card. Along with we’ll learn about the Rupay card terms and conditions while ticket booking on Travelyaari. So we are going to start.

Note: upgrade your mobile application before applying Travelyaari coupons for the existing user. So that you could not get any issue while receiving the Travelyaari app discount coupon. Let’s say, you have spent Rs.1000 on Travelyaari bus ticket, then you’ll get up to Rs.100 on using the Rupay bank card. Secondly, this offers is valid for the old user, keep in mind that you are a new user, it’ll not work. Likewise, it is not suitable for RTC government buses. 

Travelyaari ICICI Debit and Credit Card Offer 👉 You need to spend more than Rs.1000 on but ticket booking. After using the ICICI bank card. Thus, you can get up to Rs.150 off on the ICICI debit/credit card. Similarly, open the Travelyaari mobile app and book your tickets. After ticket booking go to the Travelyaari coupons and unlock the partners offers.

Likewise, if you are a new user then it is not applicable for you. Although, this offer is valid once per user. Always keep in mind that this discount offer is applicable to the highest amount. In case your amount is low then this offer will not work.

Travelyaari IndusInd Debit and Credit Card Offer 👉 Upgrade your application to get the Rs.100 off. Because your application will not be upgraded. You can not get the Travelyaari promo code for bus. So, what will have to do to get Rs.100 off discount by using the IndusInd bank credit card and debit card? First of all, you have to spend a minimum of Rs.1000 on bus ticket booking at

Secondly, the ICICI card offers applicable for existing users only. Similarly, if your transaction will small then this offer will not work. Thus, keep in mind that this offer does not exist for RTC government buses.

Travelyaari Visa Card Offer 👉 As you know that there are many people have a VISA bank card. Almost every online customers like shopping from credit and debit card. Because it makes feel very comfortable shopping. Thus, the VISA card has brought the discount offer on the Travelyaari website. Where you can save up to Rs.100 off on payment from the VISA card. 

So, what do you need to get Rs.100 off on Travelyaari bus ticket booking? First of all, there is no need to apply the Travelyaari coupons VISA card.  Along with to get Rs.100 off, you have to spend a minimum of Rs.1000. Keep in mind that this discount offer will not on Travelyaari new user. Apply now Travelyaari bank offer.

300 Off Travelyaari Coupons First Order

Are you viewing for Travelyaari new user coupons?

In this offer, you can get 300 off. Here’s how can you avail Travelyaari discount?

Firstly, you can get up to 10% off, which means Rs.150 off Travelyaari first time user offer by logging the new account.

Secondly, get extra Rs.150 off first time Paypal new users.

Lastly, keep in mind that Travelyaari offer is applicable on once per user.


  1. Apply code: WEBYAARI, save up to Rs.150.
  2. Pay from Paypal as a new user and get Rs.150.
  3. Register New Account on Travelyaari.
  4. Offer is valid on Desktop website and Mobile web.
  5. Travelyaari coupon does not work in the mobile application.
  6. Must checkout from Paypal to get the cashback.

12% Off Travelyaari Wallet Coupon Code

Travelyaari has brought up to 50% off discount offer.

Likewise, you can get the latest Travelyaari coupons for new user.

Besides, we’ll cover-up the Travelyaari wallet offer.

Such as Travelyaari Ola Money Postpaid, Travelyaari Paypal Cashback, and Mobikwik Wallet SuperCash.

In other words, we are going to tell about one by one Travelyaari coupons.

Mobikwik Wallet SuperCash 15% Off:


  1. Use code KWIK15 and pay from Mobikwik App/Web.
  2. Get the minimum SuperCash up to Rs.200.
  3. It’ll be applicable as per Mobilkwik policies.
  4. Valid once per user 1-31 July 2019.

50% Cashback on Paypal New User:


  1. Get up to Rs.150 cashback on Paypal account.
  2. There is no need to apply Travelyaari coupons code.
  3. Applicable on Paypal first time user only.
  4. Minimum transaction value Rs.50.
  5. Cashback amount will be credit within 5 days.

10% Cashback on OLA Money Postpaid:


  1. Get up to Rs.100 cashback on OLA Money Postpaid.
  2. This offer is valid for logged in users.
  3. No minimum transaction value required.
  4. Cashback will be credit within 3 days. 
  5. To know more about cashback offer –
  6. Valid 31 July 2019.

Are you looking for Travelyaari coupons new user? If you are, then you are in the right place.

In this post, you will get Travelyaari coupon code, also you can find the Travelyaari first user coupon code in this post.

Which will help you to get a discount?  

And If you are the Travelyaari new user coupons.

You can get Rs.300 off.

This Travelyaari coupons new user offer can help you to save you extra money while check out process.

To get Rs.300 off using this Travelyaari coupons code (WEBYAARI).

Book a bus ticket first time from Travelyaari and get a new user discount offer.

This offer is limited to apply to the Travelyaari offers.

This offer is valid till 31st May 2019.

Offer is valid for both website desktop websites and mobile websites.

But keep in mind this offer is not applicable for mobile applications.

If you use your PayPal first time to make Travelyaari payment then you can get 50% additional discount.

As you know that Travelyaari is a popular website for the bus ticket booking online.

Everyone wants to get some discount on booking.

So you can get here some Travelyaari coupons for new user code.

But most of the user forget to apply the coupons code while booking.

Travelyaar Coupons 2019

Now Travelyaari has brought us seasonal offers. In this offers you can get up to 12% off.

Travelyaari May Offer: 

Use this voucher code to get 11% off (MAY).

This offer is a limited period offer.

This offer is only valid till 9th May.

Additional 50% cashback on Paypal transaction.

This offer is not applicable for RTC govt. Buses.

Travelyaari Tyvote Offer:

In this offer, Travelyaari says that travel home and vote.

Basically, this month is election month.

So, if you are away from home.

And you will come home to vote.

Then you can book a bus ticket from Travelyaari.

And it will give you a discount by using this Travelyaari Coupons new user code (TYVOTE).

But this is a limited period offer.

This offer is only available on the 5th to 7th of May 2019.

To get the additional 50% cashback on Paypal transaction.

Travelyaari Privilege Offer:

If you are a member of Travelyaari privilege program.

Then this offer is for you.

You can get up to 5% off of all offers.

You get more discount by using Travelyaari point.

Travelyaari gives points to the member of privilege.

By using this point you get an extra discount.

But if you are not a member of this program and want to become.

Then you can easily register online with your name, mobile no & email.

Travelyaari Wallet & Bank Card Offers (Get 50% Cashback)

Travelyaari OLA Offer: 

If you have an OLA wallet and you have logged in Travelyaari with your OLA wallet.

Then you can get up to 15% cashback.

OLA wallet gives you to get Rs.75 cashback on Travelyaari bus ticket booking.

Although, this offer is only valid for OLA postpaid users.

No minimum amount required to avail this offer.

This offer is valid from 2nd May to 31st May.

The cashback is only valid for 1st-time payment.

Travelyaari Paypal Offer: 

If you pay from Paypal first time on Travelyaari then you can easily get 50% cashback on your Paypal account.

This offer cashback will be a credit on your Paypal account 5 days after the successful transaction with Paypal.

This offer is valid till 31st May 2019. In case of cancellation, 100% cashback will be refunded if the offer period is still valid.

Travelyaari Mobikwik Wallet Offer: 

Get 20% supercash on payment via Mobikwik. Use this Travelyaari coupons new user code (KWIK20).

To apply this coupon code maximum value is Rs.200. Offer is valid till 31st May 2019.

Supercash can be avail once a month.

But keep in mind the usage of cashback as per as Mobikwik platform rules.

This offer can be used once.


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