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We are in October 2020, it’s back to school, and it’s time to end well this year which will have been complicated at all levels. Despite everything, we must already think about website designing trends for 2021 and for us, the new trends in web designing are very important.

Today, we will see 5 Website designing trends not to be missed for 2021!

Table of Contents

  • Colors & Brutalism
  • The use of large characters
  • Animations and dynamic illustrations
  • Asymmetry
  • Prepare for speech recognition
  • Web design trends for 2021: conclusion

Colors & Brutalism

Exactly like in 2019 and 2020, we will have to stand out while being aligned with the trends of the moment. In the past year, the web designs were more geared towards some weird retro colors, coupled with a somewhat old-fashioned look. In 2020, we are more on bright and cold colors and we think that this trend will continue.

What is also noticeable is that the use of deep colors as a backdrop is becoming more and more popular. Typically, we see website Designing Company uses more and more websites that abandon white in the background and prefer to display colors with more depth. This helps draw attention to certain elements, such as brightly colored buttons, and sets you apart from the competition by applying your brand color to your website background.

The use of Large Characters

While last year the trend was for serif fonts, in 2020 we are seeing wide fonts more often. It’s not entirely new to using large fonts on a website, but over the next year, the letters will get thicker and tighter. For example, many brands choose one or a few words that immediately make the website’s content visible. By using a thick font, a website gets a contemporary look more easily. As variable fonts are becoming easier to use, you will see this on more and more websites.

By correctly applying the H1 and H2 tags, some titles can also help optimize your website’s SEO! A good example of the application of this trend is the CANN website. The different flavors are presented by large bold letters. At a glance, you can see what it is. Each flavor has its own background color, which matches the first trend presented in this article.

Animations and Dynamic Illustrations

Of course, the video is still very popular. However, it is still difficult for web designers to use video due to the loading times. Because moving images attract a lot of attention and make things easier to understand, solutions are devised for this.

Examples are animations, gifs, and dynamic illustrations. The animations are very diverse. For example, you can use hover effects on your images, set up transitions between your pages, or even set background objects in motion. This is obviously not ideal for the load time of your website, but it’s still a better solution than using videos.

A great example of the correct application of animations is the Apple New Air Pods page. Thanks to these animations, we can see how the product works, what the different characteristics of the product are, and how it stands out from the competition.


Many websites are based on rows and columns. Often the choice is one, two or three columns. In most cases, these columns are the same, so twice 50% or three times 33%. For some time now, and we expect to see it even more in 2021, we have seen more and more asymmetric columns. Another way to stand out and be less predictable!

Often an asymmetrical ensemble more easily captures the attention of the eye. That said, it remains important to properly apply this principle of asymmetry, to avoid having a chaotic result. It sounds a bit confusing, but the asymmetry can be balanced when applied correctly.

It is important to make sure that the different parts of the page are in balance with each other. For example, each time using larger images, which are perfectly balanced with text and white space. The visitor’s eye will always fall on the images before moving on to the text. A great example of this trend is the Dropbox website, as you can see above.

Prepare for Speech Recognition

As the use of Siri, Alexa, Google Home, and Cortana becomes more popular, voice recognition is gaining more and more importance. It becomes very easy to have your devices perform tasks, especially when you are cooking or driving your car. For example, developers are responding to this trend by optimizing websites for speech recognition, especially because they are becoming easier to find and can be linked to speech recognition systems.

At the start of the year, we were already explaining how much voice recognition was developing. To give you an idea, the trend is that 55% of households will have a smart speaker by 2022. In addition, 65% of young people already use voice command with a compatible device at least once per day.

It is therefore important to take this into account in order to prepare yourself. For example, you can prepare your website for speech recognition by using more “long tail” keywords in your SEO strategy, writing more “spoken language” content, and using snippets of text.

Web Design Trends for 2021: Conclusion

Of course, it’s important that your website stays up to date every year. In 2021, we believe bright colors and brutalism will be important to set you apart. The use of large fonts will also be recommended. By using dynamic content, like gifs and animations, you will be able to maintain the attention of your visitors. Using asymmetry correctly, you get the same result, you can influence the behavior of the visitor and lead them to the desired pages.

We believe that using these different trends can help you better approach 2021.


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