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Every marketer likes to learn about what people say out their brand, their products, or their services. They even love to keep an eye on their competitor’s activities to ensure building a strong online reputation for their own brand. 

As a consequence, they end up using the free social tool ‘Google Alerts’. No doubt, the tools are valuable enough to drive the best results for the marketers by monitoring and tracking social information. However, the experts of the best online reputation repair agency say that there are many more tools that promise to provide even better results for the marketers. 

Would you like to try and experience some more tools on online reputation management?

Check out the list below and attain several more benefits.

5 Alternatives for your Google Alerts that you can use for your online reputation management

Talkwalker: Talkwalker is designed to monitor the social search across several social media channels and analyze the video content developed to advertise the brand. Using this tool, you can handle your online reputation in just 7 days.

Talkwalker keeps an eye on brand emotions and sentiments. It tries to understand the conversation related to the tweets, social media posts, articles, and other content related to the brand. The tool gets combined with multiple websites like forums, guest blogging, news, social, and many more to figure out the brand’s performance on these platforms.

Other than monitoring websites, Talkwalker even notifies the users via email or text whenever there is any keyword used on the internet. This what makes the tool even better than Google Alerts. 

Tracker: Trackur is known as the busiest social media monitoring platform. Busiest in the sense means the tool is highly used by the marketers to track and monitor social media statistics across several channels.

Trackur is fast, simple, and affordable in contrast to other social media monitoring tools. The tool crawls several sites and brings out the insights into the marketing trends, keywords used, URLs, hashtag performance, and so on. The tool captures all data from different websites and put them together into the dashboard.

When you want to learn about the entire statistics and analytics, you can simply visit the dashboard and roll your eyes over the data. Exploring the data and optimizing them accordingly help you to improve your online reputation.

IFTTT: IFTTT is an abbreviation for If This Then That. This awesome tool is free to access and is specially designed for monitoring apps and devices. It is a one-stop tool where you can perform everything.

The IFTTT tool can be combined with over 300 channels like Twitter, Facebook, Amazon, Alexa, Gmail, and many more to keep an eye on the visitors and users relevant to the brand.

This works amazingly on every platform, drawing a report on every activity every action performed on different channels. For example, if your audience likes one of your Facebook posts, the action will be captured by the tool and send it to your Dropbox so that you can find it easier to visualize them.

Using IFTTT, you can even get a notification whenever there appears any new item in the news feed. Choose a channel that you want to monitor and get triggers from other channels, as explained above. 

Go Fish Digital: Go Fish Digital works for improving SEO, online reputation management, content marketing, website design and development, and paid ads campaigns. Yes, just like Google Alerts, the tool deals with all these aspects of digital marketing efficiently.

Go Fish Digital is a tool to repair, build, protect, and manage the online reputation of the brand. You can use this tool to perform searches across 40 complaint websites and gather negative reviews related to your brand. By diminishing these reviews and encouraging the positive ones, the complaint site search tool develops a holistic image of your brand’s reputation online. 

Review Trackers: Review Trackers are definitely meant for tracking brand-related reviews across several review generating sites. Over 100+ sites and sources can be monitored using this tool to collect reviews and store them in them together in the dashboard.

From generating email reports to determining the customer feedback and comments, the dashboard contains all kind of customer talk related to the products and services. With Review Trackers, you can even ask your customers to add reviews and share their experience with the brand.

Eventually, it helps you to track the performance of your brand, determine the customers’ needs and experiences, and finally increase the ratings and reputation. You can perform this at the national, regional, and local levels. 


Maintaining an online reputation for a brand is not that easy. It requires proper strategy and proper use of tools and methodologies to carry on with the maintenance process. However, the above-mentioned tools work equally well as Google Alerts. 

If you are tired of using Google monitoring tools or want to try out something more valuable and packed with features, any of these advanced tools can be the right choice.   

For better outcomes, you can take the help of your reputation management company and find yourself on the top of the search engine result page. Obviously, if you attain #1 reputation, your web page will automatically go higher on the search engines. 


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