Importance of DoFollow And NoFollow Links In SEO

Links are the way the blog posting services can get maximum traffic. Through the backlinks, the search engine bots can evaluate the connections between the different sites. Both dofollow and nofollow links work for this. It has been noticed that most of the top sites have about 2000 backlinks.

What are DoFollow and NoFollow Links?

DoFollow link is actually not a type of a link or something, it is just the default link. In other words, any link that is not a NoFollow link is the DoFollow link. Whenever a website mentions your site’s standard link in their content, it is known as the DoFollow link. It boosts the traffic drive to your website automatically.

Users who have no idea about these two links might find them one and the same thing. However, the NoFollow link just consists of a small code, known as an attribute. It allows the search engine to know that the link is a NoFollow link.

How do they affect the site ranking?

Search engine bots are smart and they keep track of which site is linking to which site. Through these DoFollow backlinks, the search engine can understand the relationship/connection between the two sites. This connection can pass the authority to search engines which are commonly called “link juice” among the SEO professionals. For instance, if a high-ranking and reputable site mentions your site’s link in its content, then the search engine takes you as a reliable site as well and increases your page ranking.

For the NoFollow links, things are not like they are in the case above. These links do not pass any authority to the search engines and thus, do not impact your page ranking. However, they save your sites from getting spam comments on your site’s comment section. With available links within your content, viewers do not go for the spam links.

How do you make these links? 

Usually, you do have to use any specific method to create or add a DoFollow link. Most of the time when you add a link in your content, it is the DoFollow link by default. However, if the added link has the NoFollow tag, you can remove it to make it a DoFollow link.

Also, remember that you cannot make this change when your link has been mentioned on some other website. No matter how much you wish for it to happen, you can’t do it on your end. So, either you can ask that site to make it a DoFollow backlink in order for it to impact your page ranking.

To make the NoFollow link, switch to the HTML mode while editing your blog. Go for the link that you want to make NoFollow backlink and the “NoFollow” attribute. 

When to use these links on your site? 

So far in this article, we were talking about the backlinks that others use for your website. However, now we are going to discuss how you can use DoFollow links and Nofollow links to link third party websites with your content. 

When you are doing a paid promotion like advertising, sponsored blog posts, and so on, use the NoFollow backlinks. This saves you from the prying search engine bots where they can not see it as a link scheming strategy.

You can use the DoFollow links in case you have done an interview or are appreciating another site’s content or so.

Moreover, remember to use the NoFollow links when you come across mentioning a site that is not fully trustworthy. As DoFollow links can affect your page ranking in case the other side turns out to offer poor quality.

How to tell which link is which? 

For the average internet user, it can be somewhat tricky but there are ways that you can use. One of the methods to check the NoFollow link and DoFollow link, you can use the google chrome extension. Through this, the NoFollow links will themselves become highlighted.

The other way is to check the difference between these backlinks manually. For this, go for the page source, click on “view menu” and then mouse over “Developer”. You will be able to see the code in the new window then. Search “nofollow” there and you will be able to see the NoFollow backlinks.

What’s the dofollow to nofollow link ratio? 

Honestly, there is no such ratio. Some people use the 1:1 ratio for the Nofollow: DoFollow. Others go for 2:3 and some even go for the 3:7 ratio. However, according to some studies and understanding of the top websites, a 1:4 ratio has been considered profitable. It is because blog posting services consider DoFollow links are considered more impactful.

That is all about the DoFollow and NoFollow backlinks that you need to know about. These links can be proved both fruitful and harmful according to how you use them for your website. Make sure to evaluate the pros and cons of both these backlinks before using them.


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