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The world is getting digitized in no time and India isn’t far behind. In recent years most of the tiny and large businesses within the country have changed the way they are doing their marketing. So, that’s the rationale Digital Marketing jobs are such a lot in demand.

Traditionally most of the marketing budgets of companies were allocated for traditional platforms like newspapers, TV, Radio, SMS, etc. But now more and more companies are logging on and exploring the scope of digital marketing jobs.

Every company wants to take advantage of the facility of digital marketing and reach the bent maximum number of individuals. Start reading with books as books have the best source. Also, for a little change start reading fictional books to refresh your mind.

They are spending a lot on running digital marketing campaigns than ever before. Also, they need a separate in-house digital marketing department in their company.

I don’t get to convince you any longer, what digital marketing jobs are getting to provide you with within the future.

15 Best Digital Marketing Jobs

There is a huge career scope of digital marketing in India. Starting salary in digital marketing is Rs 15000 in India and may go up to five Lacs to 10 Lacs. there’s no direct entry to digital marketing jobs. you would like to hitch a digital marketing course so as to form a career in digital marketing.

SEO Related Jobs

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) related jobs are one of the foremost common Digital Marketing career opportunities that you simply can find.

Once you’ve completed a course in Digital Marketing from a reputed institute you’ll join as an intern for the nonce. But later with some experience, you’ll graduate to an SEO executive very easily.

Although SEO job profile is extremely vast but to chop it short your main job is going to be getting genuine high-quality backlinks from the authority websites.

As you gain knowledge and develop your expertise by learning various aspects of SEO you’re presumably to urge promoted to a Senior SEO Executive level within the company.

Starting salary of an SEO expert goes to be around Rs 12,000 – Rs 15,000/month. However, after an experience of two years or more you’ll easily earn up to Rs 40,000/- to Rs 50,000/- per month.

Social Media

If you’re keen on working with various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram then you’ll become a social media expert instead of becoming an SEO expert.

After the internship, you’ll join a corporation as a Social Media Marketer. Your main role is going to be running paid ads on various social media platforms.

For example, running ads on Facebook goes to need tons of selling skills due to the addition of the latest features every single day.

As a Social Media Manager, you’ll mostly be handling the content part.

Salary is often anything between Rs 12,500 – Rs 50,000 per month depending upon your experience.


SEM or program marketing targets Search Engines like Google and Bing. To be realistic 99% of the time marketers are going to be handling Google.

In SEM you’re getting to promote an internet site by ranking it high on Google Search Result Page with the assistance of a paid campaign referred to as Google Adwords.

In Google Adwords, your main task is going to be creating powerful ads and running the advertising campaign successfully within the allotted budget.

It requires tons of experience working with Google Adwords. Your campaigns must produce results within the budget. It needs tons of research to settle on keywords that are very targeted but at an equivalent time are very low in CPC.

PPC jobs also are quite almost like Adwords but here you’ll be running Pay Per Click ads on Facebook, YouTube, and other platforms.

Digital Marketing Manager

Digital Marketing Managers are liable for overseeing projects, creating deadlines, and managing budgets. As a digital marketer, you’ll manage an entire campaign from content to SEO.

A Digital Marketing Manager is going to be reporting on to the Marketing Management of the corporate. So you’ll be operating at a way higher level.

Before you become a Digital Marketing Manager you would like a minimum of 5 to six years of experience within the industry.

The average salary of a Digital marketing manager might be overflow Rs 24 lacs once a year.


One of the good aspects of getting a digital marketing career in India is that you simply don’t need to necessarily find a 9 five job. you’ll always start on your own from the comfort of your home.

Blogging is one way!

If you’ve got a passion for something, then you’ll combine that zeal with Digital Marketing. you’ll create a blog by purchasing a website and hosting, updating it regularly with articles and videos, performing some SEO and that’s it.

Digital Marketing will assist you to plug your blog to the people with the assistance of SEO. On the one hand, you’ll create great content and on the opposite, you’ll build backlinks to urge more traffic.

With blogging, you’ll earn Rs 10,000/- a month and also Rs 10 Lacs a month depending upon your blog.

Blogging possesses an excellent future ahead!

Content Writer

To be honest just one out of 10 succeeds as a blogger but 9 out of 10 can definitely become a content writer. Any online marketing campaign needs good content. In fact, effective content marketing isn’t possible without content.

Hence, content writers are during a great scope of digital marketing jobs.

You should be ready to write quality content on any given topic. Your job is quite simple and requires writing skills only. You don’t need to worry about the marketing part.

Content writers are purchased each word they write. In India, content writers are paid Rs 0.25 to Rs 0.50 on a mean per word.

Email Marketer

In this career, you’ve got to use email communication tools to succeed in bent customers. Email marketing is far more targeted than other sorts of marketing. Here you build a relationship directly with customers.

Hence, you’ve got to be very responsible with customers and not use equivalent old techniques like bombarding them with sales letter 5 times each day in their inbox.

Your distribution techniques like broadcasting sales letters to thousands of subscribers must be engaging to customers at a private level.

Always follow up with another email. You have to form the simplest use of Forms and Pop-ups to urge more subscribers. Email Marketers can earn the maximum amount as Content Marketers.


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